Friday, March 30, 2012

Knowledge Surge : Learn about "Flight Simulator Plus"

This is the most realistic flight simulator. Wondering what a flight simulator is?
Okay, I'll explain. A flight simulator is a device which allows you to recreate airline
flight with a simulation of how you would really fly an aircraft.
Flight Simulator Plus gives you an amazing experience as if you are
really flying a plan and can actually substitute for training for real
pilots. This simulator gives you the controls as if you were in a real
cockpit and has scenery for you to view which is realistic. You the
pilot get to chose your own aircraft from a collection of 150 planes
and a choice of thousands of real airports with realistic runways. You
even get the option of what type of weather you are flying through.
You get to sit behind the controls of a real plane, take off into the
open sky, experience everything from rain to wind to ice and see how
well you can control the aircraft. Then you have the option of landing
on the runway of your choice, just like a real pilot. Wow!
This is not like other flight simulator games as it is used by real
pilots to train for their own encounters in the sky. You can be flying
a little two-seater or a huge jet and travel throughout the world
without ever leaving your living room. You can buzz the Eifel Tower in
a bi-plane or land your commercial jet at LAX. From your own computer
you can connect a yoke, foot pedal or even a throttle to control your
plane. This product has a built-in world atlas and a 2D mode which
allows you to use it on older computers or those with a lower graphic
capability. You can connect through google maps and even organize an
air show using your flight simulator from your own home. With a 100
percent guarantee you cannot go wrong with the flight simulator plus.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

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